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Digital Learning Lab: Anyone can Automate!

Posted On: 2/17/2020

  • On February 4, the Chicago Connectory hosted Bosch Global Services for their Digital Learning Lab session. 

    In 2017, Bosch's Global Services team was challenged by senior leadership to use bots and data analytics wherever possible and in the most efficient way possible. Now, in 2020, they have over 300 bots running in North America that collect and cleanse data and automate processes. 

    However, the team explained that there can be some pushback when people hear the word “automation”. Some have concerns that automation gets rid of jobs, however, the team explained that it only makes people in these jobs better, faster and smarter. It's not meant for people to lose jobs, but instead lose parts of their job that can be mundane and repetitive. 

    The best part is anyone can do it! The Digital Learning Lab was open to our community to get them started on the basics of building bots, process automation and data visualization. Using Automation Anywhere, Alteryx and Power BI, the team walked participants through a hands-on workshop that demonstrated ways to get started with process automation. The tools are friendly for both coders and non-coders and showcase ways in which users can better the way they use analytics and truly create dynamic data visualizations. 

    If you're interested in finding out how you can get started with process automation, register for the next Digital Learning Lab here

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