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Design Sprints with Moonshot part 5: Prototyping

Posted On: 11/27/2019

  • On October 30, the Chicago Connectory hosted Moonshot by Pactera for part five of the Design Sprints workshop. This session was focused on the process of prototyping.

    Mike Kim, Practice Lead of Digitalization at Moonshot, explained that a prototype is an instrument which allows its creators to gain insights about a specific assumption and is meant to answer a question. A prototype allows for validation of an idea without the need to build a complete product.

    Mike then presented participants with three "how might we" statements. These included, how might we decide where to go to lunch together, how might we better understand where bathrooms are when we enter a new building, and how might we confidently know whether dishes in a dishwasher have been cleaned. He then put participants in groups of three.  Each group had to create a prototype that directly answers their "how might we" statement. Mike also gave an additional twist by asking participants to include an IoT component in their prototype.

    Mike reiterated that the prototype should answer what is being tested. For example, does it actually make it easier to decide where to go to lunch? If a design sprint participant finds that they're saying "yes, but...", it's important to develop a prototype that gets rid of the "but". He also mentioned that it’s important to understand that a prototype isn't perfect and that it's simply the starting point of a solution.

    We look forward to hosting the next session of Moonshot's Design Sprints workshop!

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