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Chicago Connectory Hosts Clean Energy Trust

On Wednesday, June 27, the Chicago Connectory hosted Clean Energy Trust and a discussion panel during an event called, "Illinois Green Smart City - Building efficiency, smart cities and the IoT."

About 30 people attended and learned about what IoT means for buildings and for the people who live and work in them. They also heard presentations from the following speakers:

  • Paul Seidler, Director of Venture Development at Clean Energy Trust (Moderator)
  • Danielle DuMerer, CIO & Commissioner of Department of Innovation and Technology for City of Chicago
  • Dan Docel, Director of Sales at BuildingIQ
  • Mike Romanco, Senior Director at Cypress Envirosystems


The attendees learned more about how smart building technology can optimize energy usage and reduce environmental impact and operating costs, all while providing valuable data to drive decision-making for the future.

Click here for a recording of the presentations!

For more information about the Illinois Green Alliance, please visit https://illinoisgreen.wildapricot.org/

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