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Chicago is home to a variety of tech meetups, and we’ve been lucky to host some of them at the Chicago Connectory. On November 15, Moonshot by Pactera Digital, sponsored the CHIVR meetup at the Chicago Connectory. CHIVR is the largest virtual and augmented reality meetup in the U.S.


The evening brought together about 100 people to hear speakers from U.S. Foods, Moonshot, and Kraft Heinz. Panelists discussed trends in VR and AR; how companies are not only using this technology for external marketing purposes, but also as a storytelling tool to bring processes from the field directly to the sales team in the office to provide an immersive experience for clients and partners. Further topics discussion included technology in general, if it leads to higher results and how to scale these types of experiences. Don’t start with technology. Think about the customer first.


Also, why AR, why mobile? Answer: Smart Phones. If you already have a computer in your pocket, you’re never away from it. If you want mass adoption, it’s going to be mobile. If you want to scale, it will be mobile.

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