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IoT Lab

Welcome to the lab

At the Chicago Connectory members can benefit from using the IoT prototyping lab. The lab offers a wide range of devices from 3D printers, sensors, digital electronics workstation, power tools and a PCB prototype printer. In addition, the IoT prototyping lab is managed by Windy City Lab. This means that our IoT entrepreneurs and innovators have access to an experienced team that can support them with any hardware or software aspect of their IoT product. Time to get building!

    • Dev Boards and Sensors

      A full array of Microcontroller Development Boards and sensors to prototype your IoT product.

    • Digital Workspace Station

      Includes Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Hakko Soldering Irons, Heat Gun, Magnification Scope, etc.

    • PCB Prototypes using the Voltera V-1

      Just load your gerbers, click print, and have your 2 layer PCB completed for testing in about an hour.

    • Professional 3D CAD

      License access worth $2,100 / year (included in membership).

Windy City Lab

Windy City Lab (WCL) specializes in consulting, workshops and CTO services in hardware, software and firmware for IoT products. Founded in 2018, WCL is specialized in helping IoT startups master the "IoT Start-up Challenge". There are many challenges when developing a hardware or a software product, and yet more when developing a connected product. The challenges range from architecture, prototyping, setting up cloud services, wireless communication, schematic design, firmware power management and more. Chicago Connectory members have access to Windy City Lab as walk-ins and are also invited to attend their weekly lunch-and-learns that cover the different challenges faced by IoT startups.

WCL Talks Tech YouTube Series 


Let's build a connected world together.

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