About: Our Global Network

Driving IoT Innovation Across the Globe

Built by Bosch in partnership with Local Innovation Hubs

The Chicago Connectory was the first location within the global Connectory network. Other Connectory locations still exist in Guadalajara, Mexico; Curitiba and Campinas, Brazil; Stuttgart, Germany; and Shanghai, China. The Connectory network is built by Bosch in partnership with innovation hubs located in the regional technology ecosystems, all with the goal to drive IoT innovation across industries.

Inside the Guadalajara Connectory.

Guadalajara Connectory

The Guadalajara Connectory focuses on building communities in mobility solutions, smart city, mining, agriculture and Industry 4.0. This location is the first IoT innovation space in Jalisco, Mexico, providing the resources necessary to educate and enable a diverse group of startups and organizations collaborating to build future solutions in IoT.

Inside the Stuttgart Connectory.

Stuttgart Connectory

The Stuttgart Connectory is located at the roots of Robert Bosch and focuses on digital innovation & automation. This location enables communities, startups and corporate partners to drive new digital business in the AIoT world.​

Curitiba Connectory

The Curitiba Connectory is the first Connectory location in South America. It was created in partnership with Bosch and Habitat Senai. The mission is to build a connected world and the space focuses on building communities around the internet of things, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, digital transformation and agribusines.

Campinas Connectory

Campinas Connectory was founded in 2023 and represents the expansion of The Connectory successful model throughout Brazil and Latin America, going beyond the physical spaces to offer a range of innovative services, boosting new partnerships and businesses. Its main purpose, besides promoting the development of the innovation ecosystem in the region, is to leverage the generation of new digital businesses.

Shanghai Connectory​

The Shanghai Connectory focuses on building communities in mobility solutions, smart home, smart community and Industry 4.0 . The Shanghai Connectory is designed and established to create a vibrant and connected local IoT ecosystem in China, which will consist of a mix of collaborative partners, start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs, and industry associations.