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Sigfox Hacking House Pitch Event

Over the past 3 months, six different teams have developed IoT solutions to solve a variety of issues in Chicago and abroad. The Hacking House is Sigfox innovation arm for young professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to develop IoT solutions that make this world better, using the power of 0G and Sigfox connectivity.

Monday, August 26, 2019
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (Central Standard Time)
Chicago Connectory
Connectory 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza 570, Chicago, IL 60654 Get Directions
IoT Event

This event has ended.

Using a wide variety of sensors, our projects are able to extract valuable bits of data that can revolutionize our city and people. From monitoring stress in bridges, to measuring water quality, and identifying traffic patterns, small streams of data can change we go about our daily lives and the impact we have on this world.

Now, teams are ready to pitch their projects and take them further!

The Projects:
1. Improving elder health with IoT.
2. Measuring pollution levels in the Chicago River.
3. Monitoring traffic with spatial analytics.
4. Maintaining and monitoring bridges and aging infrastructure.
5. Smart bracelets for effective pre-diagnostics in ER patients.
6. Underground wireless sensor network for agricultural analytics

About the Speaker: Raouti Chehih

Raouti joined Sigfox in 2016. His mission is to pace the adoption of Sigfox technology within the IoT field. Raouti believes in the power of connected things and related datas to solve real economic and social problems.

With the sponsorship of the founders, he helped the birth the IoT AGENCY and created the HACKING HOUSE NETWORK project. Two strategic projects to reinvent transformation of industries & to offer free IoT education in 60 countries.

Previously, in 2002, he took the lead in the strategic development of EuraTechnologies, which aims to set up the largest incubation and acceleration center in the world (150,000 m2) in a former spinning mill, flagship of the textile industry of the 19th century. He became CEO in 2009, position he is still holding today.

Born in in 1971, Raouti Chehih graduated in urban planning, with a specialty in major economic development projects. He then follows a curriculum around innovation and entrepreneurship at STANFORD UNIVERSITY (SCPD).

Sigfox Hacking House Pitch Event
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