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IoT Gas Monitoring

How to change industrial Gas Market with IoT Solutions.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM (Central Standard Time)
Tech Talks

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Ever since Industry 4.0 started disrupting our everyday lives, the technology of IoT has found numerous applications in extracting, analyzing and pro-actively managing big data operations. Data-centricity has never played a more important role for businesses from automotive and manufacturing to healthcare and logistics. Monitoring, diagnostics, and maintenance of physical machines is essential. But how do you track intangible objects? How to track gases with IoT?

In this tech talk you will learn why traditional gas supply chains fall short of operational efficiency and how IoT Gas Monitoring can help elevate business models to the "not-so-distant" future.

The session will present the current market status-quo with its impediments, showcase an innovative approach to cope with the challenges, and share a live demo of the prototype solution. Join in to be a part of the IoT development curve.


Key Takeaways:

  • What do gases and the internet have in common?
  • How to reinvent the traditional busines model of gas distribution?

Demo: Get a live presentation of a cutting-edge IoT prototype in the making.

About the Speakers:

Kaloyan Vasilev

Kaloyan Vasilev is a sales representative and manager for partnership programs at Bosch.IO - a software division, dealing with vertical and horizontal solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Kaloyan has achieved his BAc from the American University in Bulgaria and his MSc in Strategy Management from the Rotterdam School of Management. Currently, he is spearheading the business development operations in CEE focusing in connected buildings, smart retail, energy optimization and industrial digitalization. As such, he is actively exploring a variety of client and partner channels to push the frontier of IoT adoption in the context of multi-dimensional business challenges.

Vesselin Malinovsky

Vesselin Malinovsky is director customer projects delivery in Bosch.IO, located in Sofia/Bulgaria. Vesselin received a MS from the Technical University in Sofia and he has more than 20 years of experience in software development and IoT. He has successfully managed numerous large scale software projects in smart home, mobility, energy, agriculture and others. Vesselin believes that the IoT Gas Monitoring platform can boost the industrial gas business by optimizing gas monitoring, gas logistics, ordering and delivery.

IoT Gas Monitoring

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