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Design thinking 4.0| Waldo García

Design Thinking 4.0|Waldo García de Gesta Labs

Thursday, July 23, 2020
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (Central Standard Time)
Guadalajara Connectory

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Presenting the benefits of using a human centered lens when designing industry 4.0 solutions. When creating products and services that employ emerging technologies (such as IoT, Big Data or AI) companies commonly have a technology focus and lack an understanding of the human factors that should be considered. In this brief talk participants will understand a clear framework to articulate and design based on customer needs.

● Challenges to humanize industry 4.0

● Adoption of change

● Design Research tools

● People-Centered Value Proposition

About the Speaker:

Waldo García is Senior Entrepreneur Designer GESTALABS Industry 4.0 Innovation Studio

Innovation strategist and business designer with extensive experience employing people-centered design methodologies to create new products and services. He currently works as Lead Designer of Venture at Gesta Ventures, where he advises startups in defining their strategy. He has degrees in Industrial Engineering and Graphic Design from CETYS University, as well as certifications granted by CEDIM, Stanford University and ASM Institutes India.

*This webinar will be in English.

Design thinking 4.0| Waldo García
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