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Co-Innovating the Future of Manufacturing in a Post-Pandemic Era

Prepr and the Chicago Connectory are jointly hosting a co-innovation event around “Co-Innovating the Future of Manufacturing in a Post-Pandemic Era”.

Thursday, November 19, 2020
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM (Central Standard Time)
IoT Event

This event has ended.

Join us for a panel with Industry 4.0 specialist, speed Networking as well as an introduction to the Prepr's approach to drive co-innovation.

What is Futur{e}Challenge?
Futur{e}Challenge is an initiative to explore the intersection of disruptive technologies such as cyber-security, smart cities, and artificial intelligence, in the future of work and industry. Through workshops and an open challenge call, it aims to identify challenges and opportunities across select industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and retail.

What are the Futur{e}Challenge industry workshops?
The Futur{e}Challenge industry workshops are facilitated hands-on sessions where participants collaborate with a diverse range of individuals from the public and private sectors. Participants will walk away with a process that they can use within their organizations to identify challenges and opportunities. They will also be introduced to the concept of a Lean Learn Lab to support upskilling and re-skilling initiatives within their organization.

About the Speaker: Caitlin McDonough


Caitlin is a lifelong learner, enthusiastic educator, passionate marketer and all-around problem solver. With over 10 years experience facilitating ting workshops and courses she thrives on helping participants gain actionable insight that they can take back to their organizations.

As Chief Education Officer at Prepr Foundation, she works with her team to develop educational programming that provides individuals, teams and businesses with the advice, tools and framework they need to solve challenges, develop or refine solutions, and go to market. This depth of expertise includes guiding teams through the innovation journey.

About the Panelists:

  • Uwe Roehm, Digitalization Lead at Bosch

Co-Innovating the Future of Manufacturing in a Post-Pandemic Era
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