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  • Connexion IoT - Thought-leader Speaker Series

    May 11: 9am-6pm | 1871 Main Auditorium

    The Connexion IoT Thought-leader Speaker Series brings together local influencers, progressive civic leaders, industry executives, innovative companies and cutting-edge startups to inspire and engage you in the possibilities of IoT.

    9am |
    IoT at Large - Overview of the current impact and future of IoT across industries
    10am |
    The Future of Consumer IoT - Cutting-edge startups describe how their IoT solutions are changing the consumer world
    11am |
    Impact of IoT in Transportation Panel - Industry-leaders discuss IoT's impact on how your business and you get from A to B
    1pm |
    Impact of IoT on Healthcare Panel - Local influencers discuss the current and future impact of IoT on Healthcare
    2pm |
    What Makes a City or State "Smart"? Panel - Civic leaders and industry experts discuss the how IoT is changing cities/states and what the future may hold
    3:30pm |
    IoT Startup Pitch Contest - Top IoT startups from the Main Exhibition 'Startup Zone' pitch for the chance to win a series of prizes
    5pm |
    Connexion IoT Networking Happy Hour - Join us for networking and drinks with fellow professionals exploring the power of IoT
    • Lin Nease - Chief Technologist, IoT, HPE

      9am | Keynote - IoT At-Large

      About Lin

      Lin is an HPE fellow, chief technologist for IoT activities and formerly director of strategy for multiple business units. He established membership for HP in the Industrial Internet Consortium and holds several patents in software-defined networking. Lin's dynamic role allows him to set strategy, build technology and drive innovation with key enterprise customers for HP.

    • Steven Collens - CEO of MATTER

      1-1:45 | Impact of IoT on healthcare

      About Steven

      Steven serves as the Chief Executive Officer for MATTER - the healthcare technology incubator and innovation center located in Chicago. His experience nurturing entrepreneurs and innovators skillsets can be seen in numerous disciplines. He currently serves on the board of1871 and previously held the position of senior vice president at Pritzker Group.

    • Adrienne M Holloway - Chief Innovation Officer, City of Aurora

      2pm | What makes a city or state “smart”

      About Adrienne

      Dr. Holloway received her Ph.D. in Poltical Science from Northern Illinois University. Her role as CIO of Aurora is to find opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of government operations. She has experience in developing, implementing and managing large scale multi-year housing projects for both nonprofit and public sector agencies.

    • Mitch Carrel - Co-founder and CEO, Proxfinity

      10am | Futuristic consumer IoT products

      About Mitch

      Mitch is a Co-Founder and the CEO of Proxfinity. He is an attorney and holds a Juris Doctor from Michigan State University. Proxfinity is an award-winning technology company that provides engagement, data and tracking solutions for meetings, events and career fairs. Proxfinity uses algorithms, data and an IoT smart badge to gather and analyze event data.

    • Joe Parisi - Founder and CEO of Guard Llama

      10am | Futuristic consumer IoT products

      About Joe

      Joe Parisi is the Founder and CEO of Guard Llama. He was inspired to create Guard Llama after events that took place while attending college, most notably, the tragic murder of NIU art student, Antinette “Toni” Keller, as she walked near the campus in October 2010, as well as a campus shooting in February 2008 that killed five students. He has worked beside hundreds of law enforcement officers to determine the best ways to reduce crimes of this nature. With this information in hand, he led a team of skilled engineers to developing a new technology that would be effective in the critical moments of a life-threatening situation. This technology was the driving force behind Guard Llama. The result is a mobile application that is changing the way people look at personal safety.

    • Danielle Dumerer - CIO & Commissioner of Chicago

      2pm | What makes a city or state “smart”

      About Danielle

      Danielle has been working for the City of Chicago since 2008 in various roles. She most recently has served Chief Information Officer and Commissioner.

    • Bernhard Kappe - Founder and CEO, Orthagonal

      1pm | Impact of IoT on healthcare

      About Bernhard

      Bernhard is founder and CEO of Orthogonal.io, a Chicago and San Francisco based product design firm that develops the systems that medical devices connect with. Orthogonal develops class I, class II, and class III cloud, web and mobile software systems that integrate medical devices, sensors and diagnostics.

    • Chris Economos - VP Business Development, PhysIQ

      1pm | Impact of IoT on healthcare

      About Chris

      Chris Economos is PhysIQ's VP of business development. physIQ applies FDA-cleared machine learning analytics to data from wearable devices to indicate subtle physiological changes that may be a precursor to deterioration or an acute care event. Through its personalized analytical approach, physIQ's solution can provide the nurse or case manager with an objective, data-driven assessment of the patient's condition relative to the baseline that was established upon discharge.

    • Monali Shah - Director of Intelligent Transportation, HERE Technologies

      2pm | What makes a city or state “smart”

      About Monali

      Monali serves as the lead for smart city development, connected and automated driving, traffic operations, and planning for HERE Technologies. She is a trusted advisor to agency leaders across North America as they prepare to deploy new mobility technologies.

    • Bill Fienup - Founder and Managing Director at mHUB

      10am | The Future of Consumer IoT

      About Bill

      Bill comes from a technical background with years of experience in product design and consulting. Inspired by the challenges of developing hardware, Bill founded the co-working space and incubator for hardware entrepreneurs called mHUB. 

    • Kevin O'Toole - Chief of Transformation Application and Digital Innovation, State of Illinois

      2pm | What Makes a City or State "Smart"?

      About Kevin

      Throughout Kevin's career he has been able to spearhead technical infrastructure and support corporate vision across numerous companies. His work can be synthesized as turning IT into a vital corporate asset.

    • Joe Pienta - Sales Director, Sigfox

      10am | Impact of IoT in Transportation Panel

      About Joe

      Joe Pienta joined SIGFOX US as a Sales Director in January 2016 focused in the areas of agriculture, automotive and industrial IoT.  Joe spent 25+ years in the telecommunications, agricultural, industrial and distribution industries in the areas of sales, marketing, product management and operations management. He is building relationships with device manufacturers and channel partners to give their products a cost effective “voice” on the IoT. 

    • John Zacharia - Group Marketing Manager, Baxter Healthcare

      1pm | Impact of IoT on Healthcare Panel

      About John

      John Zacharia is a group manager and digital lead for Baxter Healthcare's Acute Therapy business. John drives the digital platform and device management with a focus on Acute Kidney injury, including connectivity, analytics, and clinical decision support.

    • Joe Gallo - 4th Ward Alderman, City of Rolling Meadows

      11am | Impact of IoT in Transportation panel

      About Joe

      A business strategist, community activist, change agent, technology enthusiast and now Alderman. Joe works to enhance social progress and prosperity. He leverages business strategy and network technologies with a goal to bring about the next generation of experiences in mobility, utilities, public spaces and more.

    • Cory Hohs - CEO and CoFounder, Haas Alert

      11am | Impact of IoT in Transportation Panel

      About Cory

      Cory is a professional and entrepreneur with an interest in emerging technologies and product innovations through design and creative problem solving. Haas Alert enables vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication connecting city fleet vehicles to the mobility ecosystem. The real-time alert helps 1st responders, utility companies, telecom and more.

    • Cayetana Polanco - Chief Marketing Office and Co-Founder, Keyo

      10am | Future of Consumer IoT

      About Caye

      Caye has a passion for leveraging technology to change the world for the better. Keyo using hand scanning technology to improve the human experience.

    • Andreas Hasshold - I4.0 Connected Industry Consultant, Bosch Rexroth Corporation

      1pm | I4.0 meetup keynote (Chicago Connectory)

      About Andreas:

      Andreas is a native of Rothenburg, Germany who has worked for Robert Bosch Corporation in several different Business Units in multiple different countries for the last 14 years. With his extensive background in lean manufacturing, logistics and cultural change management, he provides a unique and practical approach to Industry 4.0.

    • Beth Bond - Head of City Development NA, Bosch

      2pm | What makes a City or State "Smart" Panel

      About Beth

      Beth has over 12 years of experience in digital platform, civic tech and educational program development. She has worked with startups, corporate teams, social ventures and nonprofit agencies to identify strategic partnerships, launch products and cultivate community.

    • Bernd Heinrichs - Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Office Mobility Solutions, Bosch

      11am | Impact of IoT on Transportation

      About Bernd

      Since October 2017, Bernd is Chief Digital Officer Smart Mobility Solutions at Bosch. His focus is on conceptualization, implementation and marketing of new IOT-based business models for the global market. He builds on his experience from the fields of IT, communication, and connectivity, artificial intelligence, and data science, which he collected during his 25-year career in the high-tech communication industry.

    • Nick Moran - Generl Partner, New Stack Ventures

      11am | Moderator - Impact of IoT on Transportation

      3:30pm | IoT Startup Pitch Competition Judge

      About Nick

      Nick is a general partner at a Midwest, early-stage venture capital investing firm focused around 1st stage, IoT companies.

  • Connexion IoT - Main Exhibition

    May 11: 8am-6pm | Chicago Connectory

    Experience IoT firsthand in the Connexion IoT Main Exhibition. Walk through over 40 interactive IoT sponsor exhibits, each showcasing solutions that are transforming how business is done today. Join experts for IoT meetups, get inspired in the IoT 'Startup Zone' and learn about further opportunities to engage the local IoT ecosystem.

    Featured Meetups:
    11am |
    IOTA Foundation Beyond Blockchain Meetup - Harnessing the power of IoT
    1pm |
    Chicago Industry4.0 Tech Series - Connected manufacturing – Key features in Industry4.0 for a successful digital transformation

    By 2020 annual revenues for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are predicted to exceed $470B (Bain) with over 30.7 billion connected devices (IHS) in the market. IoT is quickly impacting every aspect of our businesses and our lives.

    Join us on May 11th for the opportunity to be inspired, meet new partners, engage new customers and claim your spot as a contributor to the rapidly growing Midwest IoT ecosystem!

    Interested In Being A Sponsor?

Connexion IoT - Pitch Contest

Is your startup using IoT to disrupt an industry? Or create a new one? Apply to the Connexion IoT startup pitch contest to tell the world and potentially even win some prizes!

This contest is focused on early-stage IoT companies that have a proof-of-concept product/service in-market or are expanding their current offerings to include IoT integration or an IoT product/service.

If selected, your company will get a free showcase table in the ‘Startup Zone’ for Connexion IoT. The most exciting ‘Startup Zone’ companies (voted on by attendees) will also have the opportunity to present a 3-minute pitch on the Connexion IoT main stage for the chance to win some exciting prizes.

Note: to submit your application in F6S click ‘Connect with Kyle, Gerod & Mike’ after completing the application.

See the Startup Zone participants

  • Connexion IoT - Hosts

    Chicago Connectory - is the first open-innovation space in the Midwest completely dedicated to IoT (the Internet of Things). A collaboration between Robert Bosch LLC and 1871, the Chicago Connectory is devoted to growing a thriving ecosystem of IoT startups, invested corporations, supporting organizations, influencers and technology enthusiasts. Covering nearly 20,000 square feet in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, the Chicago Connectory is home to an IoT startup co-working space, a growing inspirational experience of IoT solutions, featured events, workshops, cutting-edge corporate projects and beyond.

    1871 - is Chicago’s entrepreneurial hub for digital startups. Located in the famed Merchandise Mart, the 150,000-square-foot facility provides Chicago startups with programming, access to mentors, educational resources, potential investors and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that help them on their path to building successful businesses. 1871 is the flagship project of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center (CEC).

Early bird rates are available for a limited time!

Let's build a connected world together.

Let's build a connected world together.

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