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Re-imagine the value of the commute

The SPLT platform enables our employees to get to know one another and be together for a convenient commute, and to save money, reduce emissions, and lighten traffic along the way. Our goal is to bring accessible and reliable mobility to everyone, everywhere. Our technology has many different applications depending on a region’s needs. By keeping this top of mind, our team works dynamically to accelerate the company with speed and thoughtfulness.

Our Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to leverage urban technology to reduce inefficiencies in transportation and architect cities of the future. We achieve this by partnering with corporations, universities, and municipalities to provide a sustainable commute solution. 

Change the way people meet and move worldwide by providing reliable, affordable mobility access for all.

SPLT For Companies:

Our ride matching platform allows organizations to access employees who otherwise would not be able to commute to work.  Some of our customers use SPLT for mentor sessions. Others don’t want their employees to suffer from a draining commute, arriving to work in an unproductive state. For many of our customers, SPLT is their secret weapon in employee recruitment and engagement.

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