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Inspire Conversations. Measure Results.

We started with a mission of enhancing social interactions and fundamentally changing the way people use technology to connect. So, we created a technology that emphasizes in-person connections, enhances face-to-face communications, and gets people talking again. Our platform of wearable products advances our mission by visually connecting people based on proximity and affinity.


Proxfinity is working with CMO's, HR executives, innovation teams and corporate meeting planners to deliver real-time face-to-face interaction and metrics to drive informed decision making, new insights on human capital decisions and the ability to close the engagement gap. 


  • Fortune 500 Capability Week
  • Event Production Company
  • Repeat Networking Group

With Proxfinity:

There is real value in understanding how your guests interacted and their post-event analytics dashboard perfectly addresses that need. You can truly visualize the connections and initiate follow up conversations seamlessly, and we offer these products to help you achieve that

  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Measure Network Efficiency
  • Foster Sustained Collaboration
  • Drive Quality Conversations Across Your Organization
  • Gather Quantitative Data For Talent Management
  • Measure Impact of Face-to-Face Interaction

Let's build a connected world together.

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