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Experience mobile with mLab


Functioning as an integrated mobile strategy team, mLab drives advanced mobile solutions at Bosch and leverages technology to drive mobile maturity within the company. We collaboratively empower agile development to discover customer problems and create market-valid solutions. Your team has everything to disrupt mobile technologies; our job is to unveil your innovative minds.

What We Do

Let mLab ignite the spark of your mobile idea, synchronize it to market trends and develop an agile mobile business model. With our engagement, you will be able to grow your mobile project to become a long-term success. mLab grew out of the Mobile Center of Excellence. We take that one additional step further to app development to see what will come after mobile. Thus we actively define how the different mobile interfaces will shape the future of Bosch. 

We target critical stages of the development of your project. The topic of each workshop is tailored to your specific project needs and individually aligned to achieve maximum potential based on your team’s talents, skills and proficiencies.

As part of mLab’s initiative to collaborate with organizations striving to move forward in the IoT space, our team hosts regular exchanges with like-minded companies and startups in the space. 

We offer a wide array of workshops:

  • Mobile ideation
  • Mobile market validation
  • Business model innovation


  • Mobile applications
  • Virtual reality
  • Robotics

Bosch Next

mLab is breaking new ground with their next generation smart office app, Bosch Next. Bosch Next has revolutionized the approach to automated driving with the Bosch Virtual Reality App and has developed new use cases for robots in a corporate environment. 

How does Bosch Next drive digital transformation?:

  • Addresses everyday challenges with IoT solutions we’re selling everyday
  • Makes existing Bosch technology tangible for all associates
  • Creates an active test bed for development and feedback
  • Showcases market ready solutions for our customers and media

Come check our space in the Chicago Connectory to get to know even more about mLab.

Let's build a connected world together.

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