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Managed By Q

We Run Workplaces


We help companies big and small make the most of their workplaces, putting money back in their budget and time back in their day. We offer custom recommendations for your office, allow access to our network of the best local service providers, and assistance on streamlining your operations with our office management dashboard.

Facility Services:

        We offer popular cleaning services to help keep your workplace in tip top shape, these services include

  • Evening cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor buffing
  • Deep cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Daytime cleaning

Workplace Staffing:

              As expectations for the employee experience grow, companies rely on their office teams to meet the needs of the modern workplace. To provide seamless office management and create a strong company culture, you need to have the right office staff in place. Managed by Q provides office team staffing solutions to find the best candidates for your business and workplace.

Project Management:

NVS is the project management division of Managed by Q. We help commercial tenants navigate the lifecycle of their office needs. We recognize the complexities associated with finding the right space, planning and managing the office set-up, all while running a business.

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