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Experimental architecture and participatory research



Hermes' design practice explores participatory research and experimentation in architecture, with embedded sensor, data collection and visualization technology - tools of inquiry - as an approach to making places in and with communities, that are infrastructures for experiments themselves - AND - continue to provide meaning and value after specific speculation and research has concluded.


Current Projects:


- Consulting with the Bosch corporation and will soon be full time R and D lead in Chicago for an internal strategy group called Hermes, to advise and lead participatory research and development work in the city, focusing on urban mobility, technology and built space.


- Principal Designer for the Array of Things, urban sensing system




- Working with the Array of Things data sharing software team to develop software tools for working with environmental data directly in 3d modeling environments


- Co-creater of the LofT workshops project in the Chicago Public School system 

LofT: The hands-on curriculum using the technology and principles of urban sensing platforms to teach students programming, data science, digital fabrication, design and engineering concepts necessary for an IoT world.



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