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The morning alarm clock


Mornings are cluttered with repetitive app checks and digital addiction behaviors. Cleu is the morning alarm clock that helps build a daily routine through accountability. With Cleu you can be in control of your morning by using a single app, from your morning coffee, to the outfit you want to wear from the day clue gives you all the information from both and everything in between. You can download Cleu here.

Main Products:

  • Morning memos
  • Morning coffee
  • Morning news
  • Morning motivation
  • Morning story
  • Morning meal
  • Morning podcast
  • Morning education
  • Morning hype
  • Morning workout

Morning Memos:

        Traditionally we hop to social media or messaging apps first thing in the morning. Now with morning memos, we can share critical updates right in the same alarm app as our friends and family. This provides a good alternative to checking the 5+ social media apps that we have all become so accustom to using.

Morning Coffee:

        As smart devices release in to the market, they all come with separate apps to control functions. Now with Cleu Connect and the Home Connect partnership through BSH Appliances, your coffee machine is prepared right as you wake-up or decide to snooze.

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