JETRO’s Japan Challenge for Society 5.0

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Society 5.0 Society 5.0 is Japan’s vision for the next step in human evolution after hunter-gather, agrarian, industrial and information society stages. It will enhance industrial competitiveness and help with the establishment of a society more attuned to individual needs. The focus is on the vast potential of accumulating data, and new technologies of the […]

Fierce Storytelling, Fierce Behavior, New Outcomes

Online Event Chicago

What do successful business actors on a global stage do? They step powerfully into their role. They affect people, move them, create a space wherein their audiences invest their time, energy, feelings, intellect and material resources. Participants will experience my vision for Fierce Story and Behavior, a vision I'm sharing and exploring with leaders across […]

Manager Toolkit Series: Coaching & Communication for Maximized Performance

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Sometimes, you don’t have to be all talk to get the right action. Learn how to utilize verbal and nonverbal style styles of communication. About this event Sometimes, you don’t have to be all talk to get the right action. In this program, you will learn how to utilize verbal and nonverbal styles of communication […]

1871 Pride Month Celebration

Online Event Chicago

Join us for the 1871 Pride Month Celebration! This is a 619 annual celebration, to get-together for members of color at 1871 and is open to the general public!

National Shared Mobility Summit

Online Event Chicago

INFRASTRUCTURE SHAPES OUR LIVES. ISN’T IT TIME WE HAD A SAY? Our existing physical, social, economic, technological and institutional INFRASTRUCTURES overwhelmingly favor private car ownership and private car use. This SYSTEM sustains itself at great cost to our households, to our communities, and to our planet. This SYSTEM drives the climate crisis, perpetuates inequality, and […]

Momentum Awards

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Each year, we honor our community members that are disrupting their industries, building up their communities, and shaping the future. Nominations for the following award categories open on 06.02.21. The 1871 Momentum Awards experience The 1871 Momentum Awards bring together our full community of members, supporters, and leaders for an evening of celebration. This year’s […]

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