Dear Members, Mentors, and Partners,

We are very grateful to the thousands of visitors, innovators and Bosch associates that came through our doors during our 6+ years of operations in our location at the Merchandise Mart.

While the physical space is no longer available, the community built around the Chicago Connectory is well and lives on. Thanks to all the events, projects, workshops, tours and luncheons that we hosted during the years, we were able to generate strong relationships that drove insightful conversations and innovative ideas around IoT, technology and Bosch. These relationships continue and we strive to remain an active participant of the Chicago innovation ecosystem.

You can contact us at: the.connectory@bosch.com or through theconnectory.com

Lastly, the Connectory concept that was born right here in Chicago has grown to many regions of the world creating a global network of communities around technology, business and talent development. We encourage you to visit their websites for precise details of events and activities.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Chicago Connectory team.